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Click here for Legal Disclaimer. ArcGIS Online Item Details. title: Wayne County Ohio GIS Website. description: Wayne County Ohio GIS Website. type: Document Link. tags: Wayne,GEOhioWebsites,County. thumbnail: Wayne County Ohio GIS Website. id: aed4b7c5bc8ab6a1cc1bd0bc. item link: /home/dkrltos.tk?id. CAUV Presentation (); ALERT: Some Potentially Fraudulent Tax Value Notices have been mailed to Wayne County Property Owners, claiming their properties are over valued. These Companies claim to be accredited through the BBB. If you are in doubt, please contact the BBB, or the Wayne County Auditor's office. +01 Tax Maps (With History) & Name Sheets · +02 Tax Maps & Surveys Indexed · +03 Surveys (By Number) · +04 Highway & Bridge RW Plans · +05 Road Right of Way With Maps · +06 Rail Road Plans · +07 Section & Quarter Section Monuments · +08 Wayne County Highway Map · +09 Website Tutorial · +10 Conveyance. Ohio Agency and Government Data sites have a wealth of GIS ready data for download. Includes reports and statistics on health and healthcare issues. EPA Ohio GIS. Ohio EPA GIS downloads page. Includes information on water quality, Includes GIS data in shapefile format of Wayne County, Ohio. Availability: Files delivered by download. Wayne County Ohio GIS Parcel File. Current Stock: Description. What is in a GIS Parcel File? GIS parcel files are files derived from our plat book building process that can be re-purposed for professional applications. These files are most commonly used by professionals such. The information located on this web site is made available by Wayne County, Indiana and the City of Richmond. The data provided herein may be inaccurate or out of date. Any person or entity who relies on said information for any purpose whatsoever does so solely at their own risk. Neither Wayne County, Indiana, or any. Users are free to utilize this data as they wish with the understanding that Wayne County is not legally responsible for the information represented in these files. We compiled various sites for you to use if you wish to browse GIS Maps online. TAX MAP DEPARTMENT. West Liberty Street. Wooster, Ohio Phone: - Fax: HOURS - Monday - Friday, ~ Closed for Lunch Email: [email protected] Click on name to download high resolution TIF image. If any map on this site is unreadable or indexed.