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I'd LOVE to be able to download a whole folder from the Site Explorer. Basically I have my site explorer setup into my FTP. There it'd be SO much simpler to be able to secondary click on folders and download the whole folder into my download folder. This is the one thing that's missing for me from dkrltos.tk to set igetter as default download manager? If you have installed a new version of iGetter, delete the old versions of the application, run the new version and if the error persists restart the machine. 2. If you want to uninstall the application use the iGetter uninstaller or manually delete the following files: folder>/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/iGetter. This is a new install of Firefox. Everything works OK in Chrome or MSIE. I deleted google cookies and dkrltos.tk cookies, but no success. I have followed this advice: "You can set the Boolean pref dkrltos.tknOnly to true on the about:config page to have third-party cookies act as. Do you still have the Downloads folder in the History manager? There are other things that need your attention. Please Update to the latest Firefox x version. Help > About Firefox. dkrltos.tk · dkrltos.tk+Firefox. The Firefox. You want a completely integrated experience, and the Downloads folder that comes with your Mac (coupled with your browser of choice) provides just that. iGetter. iGetter is a free, but old-fashioned looking downloaded manager. Don't let its looks deceive you, it is actually quite up-to-date and it's. AM. Posted by: Jad. Find more posts by Jad. I'm new to iGetter but, it being a great product, have gotten used to it pretty quickly. Just a few quick questions though. I'm trying to designate a download folder on the desktop to download files into. I've created a folder called "Igetter", set it as default location,  fast and faulty download - iGetter. Fixed "Export selected files" function to properly encode exported URLs. - Fixed a bug that in some rare cases caused a new download to be added in suspended state. - Fixed a bug that prevented proper activation on license moving. - Fixed a bug that caused a crash in iGetter when the default download folder is deleted. It's possible for you to establish the position of any download in the queue in case you move it up or down to choose a better position. You may also use queue filters to sort your downloads by folder, type and status. Accelerated Downloading: One of the essential features of iGetter is Segmented Downloading. This feature is. So basically I need to put iGetter in the trash each time I want to download, and let the browser download manager do the job, then when the download is finished I put iGetter back in my Applications folder. Weird I know. Don't know if its a J issue or whatever else. Hope that might help. Lawn Care Guide. If you are using SeaMonkey, copy dkrltos.tk from your Download Accelerator Plus folder to your plugins folder and rename it to dkrltos.tk iGetter. Version: License: Shareware. Firefox Automatic. SeaMonkey Automatic. Opera Automatic. Install iGetter; Browser integration is enabled by default on first.