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Hey anyone know if it's possible to install games through the NUS Downloader? Because I'm looking at the "Database " tab on the top right (I was bored XP) and then I scrolled down to Virtual Console>Nintendo 64>Mario Kart 64 and I was wondering if it would be possible to download that wad then install  lost mii channel | - The Independent Video Game. Wiibrew no longer has the WAD installer, they replaced it with WAD manager. To use this tutorial, get the WAD. HomebrewHackers Tutorials - How To Download Legal Wii Sytem Files With NUS Downloader. NUS Downloader, or NUSD, is a Windows program designed to allow easy access to the resources present on Nintendo's Update Servers. Patch IOS: This, in conjunction with Pack WAD, patches NUS IOS titles with various exploit-enabling "features." Fixed crash when opening Virtual Console menu.‎Usage · ‎Why\What? · ‎Database · ‎Update History. NUS Downloader (NUSD) is a PC program that allows you to download many official Nintendo Wii related files directly from the Nintendo Update Server (NUS). The program is used as a more legal alternative to directly sharing (copyrighted) Wii software. This guide may require on some parts that you use it. Guide. Offline NUS Downloads Open the NUS Downloader directory (the folder where you placed NUS Downloader, you can use extras -> open NUSD directory to open it easily). You will see a folder . It allows you to load things like virtual console games from a fake NAND (the internal memory of the console). This fake. Yo, Pretty straight forward: You've downloaded a wad file and turns out to be corrupted or invalid/nonworking bad content bla bla, you name it so can th. My first problem was trying to get those Virtual Console games to show with proper screen ratio. It turns out that none of the It turns out that I have to explicitly download a tool called NUS Downloader (v is the one I got) and then download the corresponding Wii Menu wad. There's an instruction here. let me guess nus downloader is a homebrew app, can you give me a link for it? and i have You can get NUSDownloader in my soft-mod thread - ace1o1 It won't put the Virtual Console or WiiWare titles into wad files due to copy right stuff I guess.:p. So I softmodded my Wii a few years ago, and I must have made a mistake/used some bad software because after I made all the changes, my Wii was.