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Download Heretic II for free now. Published in by ATVI France SARL, enjoy a action game with fantasy, shooter theme! Early 90's shooters were never much on storytelling, but Heretic did stand out with its dark atmosphere, great level design and creative monsters. Years passed and two indirect sequels followed suit, Hexen: Beyond Heretic and Hexen II, with a final fourth game to conclude the story. Yet Heretic II stands out. Download Heretic II • Windows Games @ The Iso Zone • The Ultimate Retro Gaming Resource. When I first loaded Heretic II onto my computer, I was excited. The graphics were stunning, and I prepared myself for a great adventure. The early reviews on Heretic II were very good, and as I was a fan of the original Heretic, I was afraid that my opinion might be so biased that my review would be too glowing. Unfortunately. Heretic II is a third-person action game based on the Quake II engine that sets players on a quest through vast city and outdoor environments as they search to. Heretic 2 game pc free download. Games downloads - Heretic II by Raven Software and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Download Heretic II for free. Heretic II - A third-person action game based on the Quake II engine, Heretic II plunges you into a deep, compelling game combining brutal face-to-face combat and mystery-laden adventure. Getting Heretic II to run on a relatively modern PC I recently got my hands on a copy of Heretic 2, and spent yesterday afternoon getting it run folder to C:\ solved it. I currently have it as C:\Heretic II Patching Download and unzip the v patch into your game directory, allowing it overwrite as requested. Heretic 2 funcionando no Windows 7, usando o Daemon Tools Lite (Trecho de uma Fase que Corvus. Official Name, Heretic II. Version, Full Game. File Upload, Torrent. Developer (s), Raven Software. Publisher (s), Activision. Director (s), Brian Pelletier. Designer (s), Brian Raffel, Eric C. Biessman. Programmer (s), Patrick J. Lipo. Composer (s), Kevin Schilder. Engine, Modified Quake II engine. Platform (s), PC, Windows.