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osu!» Forum» Skinning» Chaos' Naruto Skin. User avatar. Spinner Sage. posts. Offline. 8 years ago. [size=e05]In memory of Jiraiya-sensei I will finish my Naruto skin.[/sizee05] IF the other part already skinned (i haven't downloaded the skin yet due to crappy internet:() keep up the good work!:).Sharingan Skin (only osu mode). Otro Nuevo skin ;D Mapas que. Uploading your skins is just a *click* away! Sort alphabetically Sort by last updated Sort by most downloads Sort by most viewed. by RequiemForever. Its my last skin for this moment. skin thumbnail. Requieland Final (v2). For osu! by pakoo warning, no high résolution, later version Chaos (v1). (by. ChaoslHead.) For osu! Download it! views downloads. (((MIXED SKIN))) Do i really need to describe it? just see the vid and pics you lazy bastards!:P I can't download it because I can't register to Osu skin. froozne • 2 years ago. I like it ;D I hope you do the same skin in blue ore green:D. If you are using any of these, please rename to the correct file name if needed. [Changelog] 21/3/10 - Naruto Skin thread done 22/3/10 - Added alternate parts ;; Screenies ;; New Download Link for MegaUpload 22/3/10 - Added more alternate parts ;; 1 New Screenie (CtB) ;; Updated to 90% ;; Downloads. Download Now Osu! Skin Naruto V Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More info · Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law · osu! Skin Generator · Become a Moderator · Login; or; Signup. SKIN NAME. Reset Download Skin. Interface · Standard · Mania · Catch · Taiko · Sounds · · Back. I recommend you to download and install skin, default one is pretty terrible and hard to read. I use skin called Yugen, you can download it here: I highly recommend you to change background dim to % from settings, this makes playing easier for me at least, you can find. if you want any just reply to this thread with name of the character you want and from which series he is. At times where there's no requests i'll probably make some skins from shows i like or i am watching right Here's my Skincache where you can get all the skins i made: Current number of. -The Gameplay Skin of the New Version is same as PC but not the Old One. How to Download? Link: Download osu!droid. Once the loading is finished, press the Orange Button to start downloading. And wait until it was finished. osu!MapDownloader. Where to download Beatmaps to play at osu!droid.