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The out-of-the-box alternative to FaceTime isn't all that bad. Hangouts is Google's service for both real-time text chat and video. One of the best things about it is that it's massively cross-platform and linked to your Google ID. Not only does Hangouts work great on every Android phone, you can take it to your. In the facetime has been released to Android device. It is one of the hottest trending app for Android. Android users can easily video chat with each other and with iPhone users using Google Duo. It's pretty. Facetime: In short, there is no way you can use FaceTime to video call an Android device. Apple's architecture is locked, which means FaceTime can only be used for video calls between . Amazon Fire Phone; + Android Handsets and Tablets; iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac; Windows Phone and PC. But don't worry as we are here to discuss the ways to download the Facetime app on your Android devices. Officially Facetime app can be only used on any iOS devices and for using it on the Android devices you need Apk file of the Facetime application. Facetime app is not available for Android users but there are teams. It can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store for android or from App store for iOS. Features. Tangoallows you to make free video calls between android and iPhone and not justbetween iOS as FaceTime for android toiPhone offers. Facilityof instant messages, video and voice calls is being. A. Yes, though you have to do one of a number of workarounds because Apple's proprietary FaceTime isn't available on Android, says Mike Gikas, If it's not already preinstalled on your Android smartphone, you can download it for free on Google Play; iPhone owners can download it for free from the App. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY. Cabana is one of the more unique FaceTime alternatives. You can call up to five of your friends and video chat. It also allows you to watch YouTube videos together in the actual video chat. There aren't a lot of communication features like you'd find in Google Duo or a. can you download facetime for android