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3DXchange5 can convert BVH motion formats for use with iClone human characters. If you have a batch of motion files for conversion, then you are suggested to start with a T-pose for the best bone mapping results. Once a T-pose track is characterized, then you can import more motion tracks in the same bone hierarchy. Introducing BVH motion converter. BVH - BioVision Hierarchy file is one of the most common format for holding motion capture data. You can find tons of free BVH motion data on the web or motion libraries for sale in BVH format. By using BVH motion converter, you can convert all these available resources into iClone. Where can you find BVH files for iClone? *Profiles downloadable below are for users only. iClone includes all new BVH profiles in the program. Currently the iClone Motion converter contains profiles for BVH files made by: Animazoo - dkrltos.tk Download the Animazoo iClone Profile. Hi,. You can find information relating to the BVH Motion Converter from the link below. dkrltos.tk Also there are full instructions on its use in the iClone Help document. Just press F1 from within iClone and navigate to Adding Motion To A Character - Motion - Using BVH Motion  How to use the BVH motion converter. CrazyTalk Animator 2 Tutorial - Importing External 3D Motions to CrazyTalk Animator - Duration: Blender Easy solution for using mocap bvh files with your rig - Duration: OneMinute VideoTutorials June 26, I've now re-released the Motionbuilder-friendly BVH conversion of the CMU motion files with some minor improvements to the frame-1 T pose. March 22, all download links on this page were broken because MediaFire deleted all files without notifying me, but should be fixed now. - Bruce. 3dsmax supports direct import and conversion dkrltos.tk files, which can be later converted dkrltos.tk files. Tutorial for bvh import and conversion within 3ds max. Download or Video. MotionBuillder. Motion builder supports array of motion capture formats for import and export. NaturalMotion Endorphin. Endorphin. Over New BVH Motions recently created by dkrltos.tk with the new iPiSoftware! dkrltos.tk conversion profile for Iclone users to convert BVH to be I-Clone Compatible. A brand new version of BVHacker software for previewing and dkrltos.tk files. A full organized catalog listing of the T.O.M.B. Great News from Truebones! Over FREE BVH MOTIONS for Poser, Daz 3D, and SecondLife. Click here to Download the resampled and retargeted CMU.