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This allows you to customize your Squid installation when you compile it. After downloading, refer to Compiling Squid for assistance with compiling the source code. In some cases, you may want (or be forced) to download a binary package of Squid. They are available for a variety of platforms, including Windows. Finally  ‎Binary Packages for Squid · ‎Compiling Squid · ‎Mirror sites · ‎Mirrors. This post explains how to easily install Squid Server vx on Microsoft Windows. We will use an MSI provided by Diladele B.V. that can be downloaded at the following link This MSI is the result of the work that Diladele team is doing for promoting Squid in Windows community and is based on the. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it! Diladele B.V.. Home (current); Squid for Windows; Squid Project · Support. MSI installer for. Squid for Windows. Download MSI. Virtual Appliance. Web Filter ESX / Hyper-V. Download. Web Filter as Virtual Appliance. Browse All Files Windows BSD Linux. Description. Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for Web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects. This site hosts developer-derivates from the official version found at · Squid HTTP Proxy Developments Web Site. Download Squid Windows Installer for free. Wix based MSI installer for Squid windows binaries from Windows Squid Web Proxy server. Squid - Cache Proxy Server Installation and Config on windows 7 | 8. Free Download Squid for Linux - A cross-platform and open source web proxy cache application for Linux and Windows OSes. Native port of Squid , with some Windows service enhancement. Full MinGW and Cygwin support is available in the standard Squid distribution. Current features: Based on latest Squid Some special builds are available on Squid download Page. Licensing. Squid is licensed under the terms of the. Squid offers high-performance proxy caching for Web clients. Installation instructions. Download Squid 3 for Windows MSI installer at; Run it and click "Next" button till the product is installed. Please have a look at the tutorial describing How to Install Squid on Windows.