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The "Trollslum" MS Paint Adventures Forum topic is a thread for the posting of roleplaying and images of fan-created Alternian "troll" characters. And this is a wiki for collecting all the information. Gamzee Makara MS Paint Adventures Wiki. MSPA Forum Trollslum Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Why We Love Scary Movies: The Psychology of Fear · IT Inspiration Stranger Things Future Man. Loading The FANDOM — From Luke Skywalker to Pickle Rick, breaking down 's most iconic characters from. Chat clients are programs used to allow communication between individuals over the internet. For the majority of Homestuck excluding Act 6 Act 6, clients are the most common way for characters to communicate to each other due to the distance between each other. The Sburb players have all used online handles with an. HERE. HAVE IT. TROLL ME OUT. pesterchum: anonymouslyOminous trollslum: instinctivelyLethal:iconimhighplz: ENJOY TROLLING PESTERCHUM/TROLLSLUM HANDLE beellloowww. alright. so this is trollslum on pesterchum. add a username. i used cuttlefishCuller. feferi. cuttlefishCuller is online! me: //le gasp!:iconleg figured out trollslum. -easy management of chums (adding, deleting) -debug console -easy config file -tray icon -sounds -trollslum -quirks manager -double click thing -logs DOWNLOAD IMPORTANT! -I noticed that the X11 server crashes sometimes when using the tray icon. I have no idea why but it's not a fault in my code. MN:'Course we can always chage the subject again CG:APPARENTLY + PEOPLE ALREADY DOWNLOADED IT SOMEHOW. MN: wow. MN:That's a lot of people. MN:But I think it's really good CG:SHUT UP. MN:Okay, okay:'D. MN: butitis. CG:SHUT UUUUP. MN: >T. MN: I'll download it for later. CG. Chapter Text. --gallowsCalibrator [GC] began trolling ectoBiologist [EB] at GC: N4K N4K N4K N4K! EB: doof!! GC: >:D EB::D:D:D GC: WH4T 1S UP LOS3R HUM4N? EB: skaia mainly. sup with you? GC: NOTH1NG MUCH. DR4AW1NG. EB: whatchu drawing? GC: N3P 4SK3D M3 TO DR4W H3R. Welcome to the Trollslum thread. The purpose of this thread is solely to post your fantroll's profiles. Please refrain from double-posting; if you have multiple fantrolls, just edit your original post. It is a mild Alternian evening, with the twin moons casting a soft glow over the COMMUNAL HIVESTEMS. It looks to be an unusually pleasant night, and you cannot conceive of a situation that would.