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By GamesNostalgia: Jazz Jackrabbit is a side-scrolling platformer developed and published by Epic MegaGames for PC. NEW! Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition ≡≡ This is an all-new CHRISTMAS EDITION of Jazz Jackrabbit, the breakthrough PC thriller that won Best Arcade. JAZZ JACKRABBIT HOLIDAY HARE =-- From Epic MegaGames comes the All-New Holiday Hare. This holiday version of the award winning Jazz Jackrabbit. Game information, description, and download page for Jazz Jackrabbit Special Xmas Edition ()(Epic Megagames) Game for Abandonware DOS. This is an all-new CHRISTMAS EDITION of Jazz Jackrabbit, the breakthrough PC thriller that won Best Arcade Game of the Year! % New levels, new 3D bonus. JAZZ JACKRABBIT CD-ROM * JAZZ JACKRABBIT: Holiday Hare · GamesWin [?]: Click on download JAZZ JACKRABBIT Special Xmas Edition * JAZZy the JACKRABBIT · 3D Shooter Legends [?]: JAZZ JACKRABBIT 2 * JAZZ JACKRABBIT 2 Holiday Hare / Christmas Chronicles * JAZZ JACKRABBIT 2: The. One of the most entertaining side scrolling platform games of all time. You control Jazz Jackrabbit through 5 levels full of enemies that you destroy using a variety of different weapons. A great game, dont miss out on this classic. Review, screenshots, ratings, and free downloads of Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare. Released as "Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition", this freeware episode lists itself as "Episode X: Holiday Hare" on the episode selection screen, beneath the 9 episodes from Jazz Jackrabbit. Episode X was never added to the original. Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare is a game published in by Epic MegaGames, Inc., the theme is shooter, christmas, platform. It features a action genre and uses a 2d scrolling, side view perspective. Jazz Jackrabbit is probably one of the best jump-and-run platformer games ever made, even by today's standards. This game is the second Christmas edition of Jazz Jackrabbit. Obviously the game developers decided to give this game to the public as a Christmas present to promote the original episodes. In this game, you.