How to download cd games to xbox

How to install games on Xbox One. Whether you buy a game on disc or download it from the Microsoft Store, you need to install it on your console's hard drive before you can play it. It would then also allow us to continue playing a lot of our games (if you buy them all on disk like me) while we download the new one Rather then one that we got off the market, free with gold,ea access, Xbox game pass etc. I would much rather be playing halo 5 (which came with my console on a disk). I should be able to play off of the disc. If I wanted to use up memory on game downloads I would've purchased them online. Games are so large I can only have on my console. It's getting to the point that I'm thinking of not playing new games anymore. Unless they change this, not getting any future xbox. I would be totally in favor of an option to convert our disc-based games to digital download, especially the ones that are also playable on Windows Either taking the game discs to a Microsoft store for 'conversion' or even mailing them into a Microsoft depot. Even if there was a small fee per game, I would. I have a question my black ops 2 disc is scratched, and won't even load to the title screen. If I. You can't play games straight away on Xbox One--this is the process you have to go through when. Thanks:D Downloading Dragon Age right now I know that is very good to install games on the Xbox hard drive for better performance & the disc won't have to spin constanstly, that mean it also reduce the chance for overheating & RROD, I also found that ODST's load times were lengthened when I had it installed. If you install the disc then purchase it digital you load nothing, i think it is faster this way. I had forza 5 installed, sold t h e disc and bought a code cheap and it didnt install a thing, just said i now own it. I hate xbox, playstation, nintendo consoles but i do like some of the games they play. Support the games. how to download cd games to xbox