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Printable Baseball Lineup Card Template in PDF. This printable baseball lineup card template can be downloaded for free in PDF format. It has blank spaces with order number to include the player name, position number, substitutes and other necessary details. Download. Print Free Baseball Lineup Cards. Available in PDF and Word Document format as a Full Sheet or 2 Per Page. Printable Baseball Lineup Cards with Batting Order, Number, Name, Teams, and Position. This free site instantly creates fair fielding lineups for your youth baseball or softball team, for players, up to 6 innings of play. Personalized magnetic dry erase coaches lineup board for softball, or baseball. Softball Coach, Baseball Gifts, Team Mom, Lineup, Softball Pitching Machine, Coaching, Youth, Coaches, Young Man. Download a free Baseball Roster Template for Excel, featuring a baseball lineup sheet with auto-rotation and a printable baseball scorecard. Lineup Manager is an Excel spreadsheet developed to help baseball coaches create and manage their team's lineup and field position assignments. You can also. Set your baseball lineup and position players from your phone or tablet on Today's Lineup. Managing pre-gram strategy youth and little league baseball games is faster and easier with Today's Lineup. • Quickly set your baseball lineup and position players for all your games • Drag and drop to easily reposition players in the. BASEBALL LINEUP CARD. HOME TEAM. HOME TEAM. MANAGER. MANAGER. DATE. DATE. AWAY TEAM. AWAY TEAM. ORDER. ORDER. NO. NO. NO. NO. PITCHER. PITCHER. STARTER. STARTER. POS. POS. INNINGS. INNINGS. SUBSTITUTE. SUBSTITUTE. INN. INN. PITCH COUNT. PITCH COUNT. MANAGER. Here is a shot of the baseball game roster where each players position is tracked per inning. Click screen to see larger version. This baseball program is free to download and use. We are constently trying to improve the software so be sure to check back now and then for updates. We plan new and, hopefully, better reports.