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You can't just download it - it's not free. Have a look at the following VS product comparison chart - Visual Source Safe (VSS) is only available with the Team System version of VS: Have a look at a similar forum that discusses this issue for more  How to download and install Visual Source safe in. This download installs an update for Visual SourceSafe Visual Studio Topics in this section tell you how to prepare the machines in your environment to work with a Visual SourceSafe database and how to install Visual SourceSafe programs. The product is available in retail stores, via MSDN on CD/DVD, or as a subscriber download. To perform the installation procedures. From Microsoft: Visual SourceSafe is the ideal version control system for any development team using Microsoft Visual Historically, problems within the team development environment stem from the inability to work comfortably in a setting sensitive to their projects and source code. While every project requires. Expert: I downloaded Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) from MSDN and now I would to install it where everyone on the team using VS / for development can use it to check in and. Hello sir I want to download Visual source safe for source dkrltos.tke My code has crashed and i have not backup of Visual Source Safe Free Download +Keygen. Posted on Windows XP Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Download Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for free. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a file-level version control system that permits many types of organizations to work on several project versions at the same time. I'm adding an answer in case anyone comes across it in a google search. If you have a copy of VSS installed on another machine but can't find the installation media, you can just copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Source Safe to your local machine. It will run just fine. Launch and  Where can I download Visual Sourcesafe? Download Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Latest Version Free. Application File Name: ms-visual-source-safetechfilehippo. Application Size: MB. Supported Platforms: Windows 7 32 bit / Windows 7 bit / Windows 8 32 bit/ Windows 8 bit / Windows 10 32 bit/ Windows 10 bit/Windows Vista. VSS is free only if you have a qualifying product, such as a valid personal MSDN subscription. each user must have a license (MSDN subscription is per person re: Visual SourceSafe Requesting Gravatar u can dkrltos.tke