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John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, May 10, ) was an American serial killer. Between and , the year he was arrested, Gacy raped and murdered. Serial Killers Documentaries. (March 17, – May 10, ) was an American serial killer and rapist. He. BBC Documentary - the edge of space - bbc documentary full documentary - anonymous. Watch John Wayne Gacy: A Monster in Disguise Online at Documentary Addict. Watch thousands of documentaries online. You will not have enough time to consume all the knowledge. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite serial killer documentaries. Here are the 2. Serial Killers: John Wayne Gacy (). Share On . This documentary interviews experts who pick apart the details of the case of Jack the Ripper, one of England's most notorious serial killers EVER. John Wayne Gacy was born in and grew up in a working-class neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. His father, John S. Gacy, Sr. (), was an alcoholic and beat him frequently during his violent rages. As Gacy grew up, THS Investigates: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (TV Movie documentary) Himself. scott prestin the authorized official documentary of the worlds most famous serial killer john wayne gacy and the man who cook county sheriffs office has identified one of john wayne gacys unknown victims found in his crawlspace the victim has been identified as a download and read john wayne gacy defending a monster. DARK DOCUMENTARIES» Online destination for free & full-length documentaries on crime, murder, conspiracies, serial killers, the occult, and more. John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets (Documentary) - The bizarre case of the successful businessman and volunteer parade clown who murdered 33 men after luring them to his home in suburban Chicago WATCH NOW! The documentary "Downloading the Devil " covers the murder of Jennifer Blagg and her daughter. A politician, a clown, an entrepreneur, a family man--these were the roles played by John Wayne Gacy to hide the fact that he was a serial killer who murdered 33 boys and young men. Rare archival materials and interviews with family and friends paint a portrait of Gacy from cradle to grave. (cc). john wayne gacy documentary download